Asset Management

Being 100% independent allows us to create an optimal portfolio based on your requirements and vision. It may consist of index trackers, active investment funds, very sustainable funds or a combination. Our focus on both responsible investing and wealth management gets the results.

Private Markets

In the Netherlands, WMPS is the leading provider of diversified Private Markets solutions. WMPS provides pooled access to attractive non-listed investments, selected by experienced investment specialists. Adding Private Markets to your portfolio will improve diversification, which will lead to a better risk adjusted return.

Asset Consultancy

Although far from easy, keeping continuous sight of all your total assets is essential. We can take operational control of your total invested wealth. With our know-how we provide insight and a clear overview of your total portfolio. Handing the ‘monitoring of your managers’ over to us will give you peace of mind and allows you to focus on other affairs.

Wealth Management Partners (Switzerland)

In 2015, WMP formed the Swiss subsidiary Wealth Management Partners (Switzerland) AG (WMPS). WMPS is a 100% independent Swiss wealth manager, established in Zürich.

Wealth Management Partners (Switzerland)

WMPS too operates on the basis of long-term partnerships with its clients. 100% of WMPS’s shares are owned by Wealth Management Partners NV.

About WMP

Wealth Management Partners has been an independent wealth manager since its formation in 2004. All partners and employees are shareholders, making it literally our own business. We are experienced innovators and specialists in what we do. In partnership with you, we use our expertise to manage your wealth.

For whom

WMPS serves entrepreneurs, families and social organisations aiming to use their wealth in a responsible and entrepreneurial fashion. They are looking for an experienced, independent partner specialised in both listed and Private Markets solutions.