Insight and overview

Whether it is asset management, Private Markets or assets consultancy, you can follow the composition and performance of your investments on a daily basis on our app and online portal. These overviews are periodically complemented by extensive analyses and reports.

For us, transparency and efficiency are key. We have therefore developed our own reporting system which is independent of the custodian bank you use.

No surprises

WMPS charges a single, transparent ‘all in’ rate for asset management, Private Markets and asset consulting.

The advantage of this ‘all in’ approach is that you know your exact total annual costs beforehand.

Efficiently effective

WMP is certified in accordance with Directive 3402 II, the highest qualification for process control. This means that we work in a structured manner and that our certified professional process covers a number of previously defined steps.

We thereby maintain an extremely high level of service and self-evident discretion. In this context our Directive 3402 II-certification is an important quality label.


Key information document

In compliance with the PRIIP’s Regulation WMP has drawn up the Key Information Document (KID) for private investors in the WMP-Pools. The KID’s objective is to provide private investors with the necessary information about the Pools to enable them to make well-considered investment decisions and compare different PRIIPs.

The KID will be provided to private clients in the specific Pools and can be inspected online.


To apply for a copy of the KID please contact WMP by e-mail or contact the WMP secretariat by telephone at +31 (0)20 426 3970.

The Swiss regulator FINMA has organized the licensing and supervision of Independent Asset Managers through recognizing a number of “Self Regulating Organizations”(SRO). VSV-ASG is the largest SRO in Switzerland. To provide asset management in Switzerland it is mandatory for independent asset managers to join an SRO




Compliance (external)

AM Audit


Accountant (external)



All information can be found on the website of WMP, ready to be downloaded here.